Extinguish a fire in oil wells in the fields of Rmelan Hassake

emergency personnel in the fields of Rmelan With the help of Russian experts working for the Syrian oil company put out a fire caused by a surge in oil wells in oil fields in Rmelan Hasakah.



A familiar source said “It was brought under control on the dash of oil wells with less than 48 hours,”, adding that the eruption was in the well No. 575 from the fields in the Swedish Rmelan and that while trying to improve productive. ”



The source pointed out, that “the rush was in the layer (Alcheranch), one of the geological layers of the material producing oil and gas, which was brought under control after the efforts of local and subjective, in cooperation with Russian experts working in the Syrian Oil Company.”

For his part, director fields Rmelan Engineer Nabil Mahmoud said “It was a way to control the quality of the rush during the electrical grid, , and the removal of all obstacles that surround the well of pipes and pumping rods and others.”



He said that “has been full-speed secure all the necessary work of the mechanisms of major engineering, and fire trucks, a line of water independent was exceeded, the most difficult stages of the work through the process of drop pipe production in the well surging, and the withdrawal of al-Qaeda after separated from the drilling rig from the wellhead with all security measures In addition to download the materials that were above and then download’d rush by means of telescopic and mechanisms to assist them through the pressure was controlled entirely on the rush and under the supervision and follow-up to director of the Syrian Oil Company and employees who are experienced and competent in the Directorate. ”

the eruptions of oil accidents rare and time control on the dash is standard, compared with global companies and the potential of these companies, according to sources of the Directorate.

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