Technical Advisory Committee of the Syrian oil company presented data for the production of oil and gas fields in the company and the results of the prospecting, exploration and hydrocarbon reserves changes

In The presence of Oil Minister Sufian Allaw the Technical Advisory Committee in the Syrian Oil Company earlier this month held its second annual meeting under the chairmanship of Mr. Omar Hamad Director General of the Syrian Oil Company where he was displaying the data production for oil and gas fields in the Syrian Oil Company and the results of prospecting and exploration and changes up the hydrocarbon for these fields.


in the meeting, extensive discussions of the reality of work Was introduced in all fields (drilling – Employment – inventory) and secure its requirements, the Commission adopted a number of important recommendations.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hassan Zeinab, Deputy of oil Minister and Ali Abbas, director general of GPC.

The share of the Syrian Petroleum Corporation of the total production of the Syrian oil during the first half of this year, 49.7 percent with the production of 34.76 million barrels daily production rate of 192 thousand barrels of production of 69.903 million barrels Syria during the first half of 2010, light oil and heavy and condensate rate of 386 thousand barrels per day.

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