Allaw discusses the reality of the work in Syrian Gas Company and the production of current and past two years and confirms the interest of the ministry and trains staff

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Eng. Sufian Allaw during a working meeting with Director General of the General Organization of Petroleum Ali Abbas, Director General of the Syrian Gas Company, Eng Hussein Wadaa and staff headquarters in the Syrian Gas Company in Homs discussed the reality of the company’s operations and production for the two current and past difficulties encountered and ways to overcome to serve the development and implementation of production plans.




The Director-General of the company gave during the meeting a presentation on the company’s activities include tracking the implementation of the activities of the company during the first half of 2010, and compared with the implementation of the activities of the first half of 2009, and the distribution of clean gas to consumers, which indicate a continuation of the progress of work in the company.

presentation also included the reality of investment projects of wealth gas in the country and the activities of the implementation of the investment project gas north central region, and investment projects of gas burnt in addition to projects to expand the network horizontally and vertically through the projects (the Arab Gas Pipeline – Phase II – the first part, the establishment of gauging stations to feed the power station in November and the expansion of gas station (Banias – Deir Ali – Gender – Deir ez-Zor – Nasiriyah), and the provision of a bus inland transportation of natural gas in Damascus, and the plan to create a branch and metering station to feed the industrial zone of Adra gas.

It was agreed to start implementing a project to provide the ceramic factories in the private sector natural gas, and project implementation of the Banias refinery gas, and approval of gas-gathering facilities in the field Sazaba.

The presentation as well as included the latest stages in which the work is in the National Center for training, in addition to the reality of training experience in the training center Deir az-Zor, and the number of trainees reached the / 670 / intern during the past years, in addition to / 101 / trainees are being trained now.

He said, the Ministry stressed on subject of training by providing the necessary support for the (National Training Centre) has developed a system of incentives encouraging coaches and providing all the necessary supplies and take advantage of the presence of foreign expertise and start training as of 1/10/2010, and under the supervision of the company Syrian gas directly to the presence of qualified technical cadres, and updating training curricula in the center of Deir ez Zor, commensurate with the sessions will be held at the National Center for training and link training with the spill is expected of the cadres in the company in the coming years, and the possibility of securing staff of the University and the Institute of Euphrates of oil and vocational secondary oil in Deir ez Zor after training in the workplace under the supervision of the ministry.

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