Vartanian family (and Artanian) – Family Knamah – Talal Al-Zain are of the 12 investors in oil and energy among the top one hundred men of the Syrian Arab Republic for the year 2010 selected by the Syrian Economic Journal

Syrian economic journal issued its annual list of the most prominent one hundred men of the Syrian Arab Republic for the year 2010, where the list contained the 12 investors in the oil and energy.



We publish in the context of the following details about each of their projects and their businesses and commitments in this vital sector. We to publish details of the other investors later on.

Vartanian family (and Artanian(

Vartanian oil services Company, one of the largest companies specializing in this field in Syria, and includes several companies are mainly aimed at securing a full service for the rig and the oil companies from the engineering works (structural and civil) of the lifting, loading and transport (heavy and light) and engineering equipment complete equipment technical and industrial spare parts in addition to protective equipment for personnel, and full catering services for offshore rigs, oil companies and the employment insurance expert at all levels and forms. وهي الوكيل الرسمي لشركة

An official agent of Total Global Oils in the Eastern Region.
Vartanian oil services was Founded in 1984 by brothers Artin, Sorin and people hate Kevork Vartanian house.
Vartanyan company is proud of worked with several international companies for more than one million hours without committing any accident.
Surin Vartanian, CEO of Vartanian and chosen by the Republic of Armenia to be consul emeritus in Deir ez Zor, Hassake and tenderness: said “working today in the company of hundreds of workers distributors between a worker and an administrative expert, and I consider myself that I was working like the rest of the workers who work with us and we do not have, as I consider personnel company’s extended family. ”

Knamah: Family

Maamoun ,Mazen and Khaldoun
Of the largest investors in the undertakings of oil in the private sector in Syria and the UAE, Lebanon, and has a family company Knamah Trading & Contracting, Aramaic to provide basic services to the oil and gas sector and Midmac engineering and construction, Memac to create, build and maintenance of the oil industry and Beetmak, which was founded in Lebanon with branches in Syria and the UAE to build and management services for projects, and works for a company Knamah in Syria more than a thousand workers.
Family is also working in the field of agricultural projects, and import and export of metal and plastic pipes.
Knamah family is of the founders of al-Sham Islamic Bank, Inc. Sesame limited liability company
The family own farm Knamah Purebred Arabian horses on behalf of the (farm Knamah).
Mazen was Elected as president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Deir ez-Zor, and says: “Shell is the school in pledges oil, and fear of unfair competition, which does not enable us to take our chance just where, and often lost contracts because of this the fact that some departments take the price of the cheapest in most instances this a problem for us. ”

Talal Al-Zain:

Owns (Nafto Mar), the largest import company, global gas, and operate from Greece and holds the largest fleet of gas tankers in the eastern Mediterranean, where they belong about 40 carriers, and supplies gas to both Syria and Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon.
Owned gas east of Lebanon company, a supplier of domestic gas in Lebanon and yield annual profits of over 30 million dollars.

A partner in the Arabian bank in Lebanon, and has a factory for the production of gas cylinders in Lattakia.
He Is of Syrian businessmen who own a private jet, and his daughter Rana Talal Al-Zain shares in the company Syrian Arab Insurance Company, and his daughter Basma contribution to the Arab Bank – Syria and member of the board of directors.

Syria Oil

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