After implementing of construction and Reconstructive work for al-Furat Oil and Gas Technological Institute in Tim field in Deir Ez-Zor …. 50 percent of the number of students for people of eastern region

Eng Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources announces the accomplishment of all construction and Reconstructive work for al-Furat Oil and Gas Technological Institute located within the field of Tim in Deir Ez-Zor, stressing that it will be the completion of the furnishing and equipping of laboratories for early next month to receive students studying it with the beginning of the new school year.




Allaw briefed today on the work carried out at the institute and meeting with the charge of it was allocated 50 percent of the number of students for the people of the eastern region as there will be a trade-off in general to accept 50 percent of the students, while the section would be left to the children of the areas, noting that the Institute has 17 rooms dedicated to the establishment of students studying outside the Deir ez Zor and countryside near also includes 10 laboratories and 5 rooms for teaching that can hold room for 48 students and 11 administrative division in addition to gardens and excellent facilities, pointing out that it will be given a monthly salary amounting to 600 for. as each student in the Institute to help him complete his studies.





The Minister clarified that 100 students will be accepted, almost through the next academic year, distributed in terms of reference for mechanical machinery and rotary instrumentation and control, while will be added to specialists new in the school year followed by a number of students studying in the institute to between 200 to 250 students, pointing out that the graduates appointed a provision in the oil companies immediately after graduation.




Allaw said that future plan includes the building of an integrated system of study and training oil for the Eastern Region In addition to al-Furat Institute updated there a similar institute in Rumelan Institute mainly in Homs has been instructed to study the establishment of secondary vocational oil at the site of field Tim also agrees with the Holders of a certificate of basic education will be Setup and take action to start the reception of students during the academic year 2011-2012, thus obtaining an integrated system in the province include secondary institutes oil and the College of Engineering petrochemical and training centers first in the field of roses, a global center coaching staff petroleum engineers, technicians, and second place in the gas plant cobblestone pointing he is working to bring the National Center for Training in the area Alfrqls in the province of Homs and to train technical personnel as needed.


The meeting discussed ways to accelerate the completion of shortcomings in the Institute and secure teaching and administrative staff and efficient procedures necessary to complete the laboratory equipment, furniture and materials that students will be trained by a practical way.

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