Nizar Asaad – Ayman Asfari , Nawar Sukkar are among of 12 oil investors in the top one hundred men of the Syrian Arab Republic for the year 2010 selected by the Syrian Economic Journal

Syrian economic journal issued its annual list of the most prominent one hundred men of the Syrian Arab Republic for the year 2010, where the list contained the 12 investors in the oil and energy.




Syria-oil Publish in the context of the following details about each of their projects and their businesses and commitments in this vital sector. That we publish details of the other investors later.

Nizar Asaad

Has a set of massive investment in Syria: Lead Trading & Contracting in partnership with Ghassan Muhanna, which is one of the oldest and largest contracting company in construction in Syrian oil sector , and has commitments in major projects in Algeria and Syria, has received an award for World Finance as the best company pledges and gas industry in Syria in 2009.
He is A partner in Asaad and Petnganp & Co. for the production of oil and oil brand al-Khair and al-Reif ghee
He heads the Syrian side in the Syrian-Algerian businessmen, and board member of the National Committee of the Syrian International Chamber of Commerce

Nizar Assaad and his sons Contributed in the last five years in the establishment of several projects including: Cham, Syria Aldtin and United Insurance Company, Inc. Badia Cement, the founders of Bank Audi Syria.

They also involved in various investments, including the company Syrian Arab Insurance Company, Aqeelah Takaful Insurance Company, Dajajuna , and has a farm of pure Arab horses named al-Jamiel farm.



Ayman ِ Asferi

one of senior Syrian businessmen overseas, he has one of the biggest companies, oil and gas in the world (Petrofac International) headquartered in Britain, which operates in 40 countries worldwide, including Syrian, working in its branches the World more than 12 thousand employees, the head managers Executives in the company and its founder.
Petrofac won contract to execute Factory Ebla gas production and was inaugurated by President Bashar al-Assad in the current year, the largest factory for the production of gas in Syria, and the value of the contract to Petrofac 477 million dollars, the transaction acquires Petrofac 10% in the draft Ebla, which produces 88 million cubic feet of gas per year and 150 tons of liquefied petroleum gas per day.
This is the second project, won by Petrofac in Syria, after winning a contract and reached a value of 454 million U.S. dollars to build a natural gas processing for the benefit of company Hayan Petroleum, a joint venture between the Syrian Oil Company and INA Corporation
The plant (Jehar) , which built by the company to produce 4 million cubic meters per day.
Asferi won earlier this year the title of the largest contractors in Britain, according to a survey conducted by the Sunday Telegraph with a net worth estimated to be 640 million dollars.
He is classified according to Forbes magazine ranked 211 among the world’s richest men, as classified by Arabian Business Magazine in the year 100 of the most powerful figure on the Arab world
Asferi said in a press statement: “I’m not with the frequency in the openness of the Syrian economy, and take it to the Syrian economy must improve its investment climate to attract and attract more Arab and foreign investments to Syria.”



Nawar Sukkar

is Chairman of the Board of Directors of NASCO with its partners and Karim Amer Tayyan foul and Tarif Kuzbari, which includes the company for Oilfield Services Company (Nawar Sukkar & Associates) and Agricultural Services Corporation (Syrian Company for Agricultural Services
It as well as include Allied exhibitions that organized more vulnerable at the level of the Arab region (Sir Oil) and (Sir Otto) in the area of competence, the founder of the Syrian Company for Medical Services Limited Liability.
He is The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania and the President of the Syrian side of the Syrian Business Council of Lithuania, and member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Union for Exhibitions and conferences.
Sukkar said “SyrOil 2010, specifically in light of the beginning of the end of the crisis global financial and economic driven many Arab and international companies to explore investment opportunities offered by the energy sector in Syria, the return of those companies to invest in the real economy and not the economy based on speculation.”

Syria Oil

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