Intilaaqah – Syria in Hama for the first time

In cooperation with the Syrian Computer Society in Hama, Intilaaqah – Syria concluded Course No. 26 on Thursday, 22/07/2010 which is first in the city of Hama and at the headquarters of the Syrian Computer Society in Hama.




in the training session, which lasted five days, about twenty trainees, participated in the trainer program in which an integrated approach on the establishment of self-employment and profile, including the establishment of a successful project requires the skills and information and program provides counseling services and follow-up after training to its graduates.


The graduates of the training course appreciation for the program and the launch of Shell Syria for this training course and what had been provided valuable information qualifies trainees to success in establishing their own business in the future.

“Intilaaqah Syria” is a social initiative of Syria Shell Petroleum Development to provide technical support and help young people interested in serious Syrian in establishment of their projects which is a belief from the company of the importance of developing the skills of Syrian youth as an essential part of its responsibility towards the development of Syrian society in general and support small and medium enterprises in particular.

Syria Shell Petroleum Development Company is established in the Netherlands and  has a branch in Damascus .. Syria Shell Petroleum Development interests of the participation of non-fragmented fully three decades of joint production and the Convention on the use of gas. The AFPC to work as an operator of operations under this contract.


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