Hayyan Gas Factory Put into Service Next Year..with 3.5 million cubic meters per day of clean Gas

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Eng. Sufian Allaw affirmed on Thursday that Hayyan Gas factory will be put into investment in November and will be put into actual service as soon as next year as to increase clean gas quantity in Syria up to 3.5 million cubic meters per day and increase the quantity of produced oil up to 6000 barrel per day, in addition to producing 180 tons of gas for home use.



During a tour in Hayyan Gas Factory and the National Training Center, Minister Allaw pointed out that the factory is the third of its kind after inaugurating two gas factories. The first is in the south of the Central region, and the second is in Ebla.

The Minister clarified that the project provides 200 job opportunities of various specialties of technicians, engineers, administrative posts, and workers as the factory will operate by national hands being one of the important projects that increase gas quantities available for use.

He pointed out that the contracting cost of the project is 291 million euros, funded by Hayyan Company in partnership with Croatian Ena Company and the General Establishment for Oil and Gas, in addition to the contractor company Petrofac. The executive company is the Syrian national company of Leed which is installing various machines in the factory.

minister said during his tour to the National Training Center at the site al-Bessah area in Alfrqls the National Center for training and qualifying workers in the oil and gas field will be announced under actual investment early next year as is currently being constructed and equipped to train their cadres in the field of oil, gas and acquire experience and knowledge that lead to increase productivity and raise quality.


The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources ,added the National Training Centre is a grant provided by the company Petrofac, which promised to implement a Ebla and Hayyan plants for gas production and includes a number of laboratories and workshops, training, and an auditorium addition to the 64 residential rooms to accommodate about 100 trainees explaining that he will provide the Centre for Aids necessary and sophisticated facilities will be working on bringing in foreign coaches during their first year of training and rehabilitation of a number of national cadres to carry out the rest of the turn of the training for workers in the oil and gas in addition to that the center will attract cadres of Arab and foreign countries for training in it.


The Minister pointed out that the current plans of the Ministry notes the completion of processing center by the end of September next and preparing to put it under actual investment from October next pointing to the existence of spaces and locations within the center can be invested and take advantage of expansion in the future to train workers from the rest of the terms of reference in the field of oil exploration, refining and production .


Then he reviewed with concerned persons in Hayyan plant oil and gas and the national training center stages of the projects.


Hayyan Petroleum Company is a joint venture between the GPC and INA Croatian Company with 50 percent share to each side and began implementation in 2005 of drilling and production.


Eg.Abdou Hossam El Din, Deputy Oil Minister, Ali Abbas, director general of GPC and Omar Hamad, Director General of the SPC and Ali Derbolli Director of the South Central Region Gas Plant, , Ibrahim Khaddour Chairman Hayyan Petroleum and Nizar Assaad, chairman of the Lid Company .accompanied the Minister in his tour.




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