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Energy use in the context of sustainable development and rationalization of consumption .. Improve the efficiency of production and use renewable energy sources and the dissemination of technology

“alternative and renewable energy ” forum that was organized by the Centre for European Business Training and Development with the participation of Arab and foreign experts focused on several key areas relating to the use of energy within the framework of sustainable development and focus on improving production efficiency and energy use and conservation and the use of renewable energy sources and the dissemination of technology, energy and transport.



Forum also discussed the historical evolution of energy production and use of alternative energy sources and renewable technologies and how to deploy Arab and international experiences in the field of renewable energies, energy and transport.

Shams al-Sayed from the Directorate of Administration and Management at the European Business said that The aim of this conference is to increase awareness and action to find alternative means to reduce the use of oil, which causes great damage to the environment and humans because of the pollution that his successor, noting the importance of starting the actual use of alternative energies, clean and renewable energy.
Finally, Dr. Haitham Shaheen from Tishreen University indicated that the theme of renewable energies is urgent at the moment the face of rising oil prices and pollution resulting from the use of fossil fuels such as oil and coal, all kinds of traditional energies, and the need for new sources of alternative energy and renewable such as solar, wind, and waterfalls are abundantly available in the Arab countries including Syria as one of the countries most blessed with alternative energies.

He pointed out that the use of alternative energies will require secure infrastructure and the development of solar cells as part of a companion to help in the development process, pointing out that despite the financial cost to begin using alternative, renewable energies but they make two economic resource conservation ..

a clean environment, is an important part of the process of sustainable development and the government pays great attention to this issue through cooperation between the Ministry of Electricity and research centers to develop new structures and mechanisms to take advantage of solar energy in first class.

the forum, which lasts three days with participation of about forty participants representing the sectors of oil, transport, electricity, environment, construction, education, business, investment, banking and industry in both the public and private sectors from different governorates.

The importance of Congress in light of developments and events that took place during the past two decades and create a general awareness that the era of cheap energy is over and that economies must adapt to high oil prices and the fact that traditional fuels are limited in nature and this led to highlight the importance of finding sources of new capacity to meet demand Given the increase is caused by the fuel used to harm the environment of increased acid rain and urban air pollution, climate change and undermine development throughout the land.


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