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Economic topped the list of 100 prominent Syrian businessmen 2010 … ../12 /oil and energy investors among the top one hundred men of the Syrian Arab Republic

Syrian economic journal issued its annual list of the most prominent Syrian businessmen in 2010 named them by ‘the100 VIPs of Syrian business sector list “. The list issued in the new issue of the magazine included 12 investor in the oil and energy.




industrialists ranked first in the list of economic leading a hundred men of the Syrian Arab Republic for this year followed by traders and investors, tourism and investors in the oil and energy, while his car dealerships fifth place after ranked third on the list last year, in a statement to reporters, said the executive editor of the Journal of Economic Mahmoud Hammoud: “Notes the progress of tourism investment and investment in oil and energy and the rise of real estate investments.”


The list included a breakdown of the largest operators of workers in Syria and the largest exporters and owners of the largest number of Syrian companies in addition to data and figures and information published for the first time.

businessmen residing in Damascus this year’s are at the top of the list of 46 names followed by Aleppo by 16 businessmen and Homs eight and Tartous and Lattakia, with reference to the list based on place of residence of a businessman and not place of birth as indicated Magazine economic in the introduction to the methodology that goes by.



Prominent among new names that appeared in the list this year, Imad Hmicho, which established a second car plant in Syria and family Alsokhni, which owns factories in Syria, Italy, Khaled Samaoi , who is the largest investor in the art at the level of Arab and family Shammout, which owns an airline, in Syria.


The list included this year on the 12 names of Syrian expatriates living abroad and who have entered their investments to Syria, as well as 88 businessmen residing in Syria, and most important new faces that have entered the list for this year from overseas Walid Zoubi and Abdel-Rahma al-Maarouf , and al-Murtada Aldandashi.


At the top of the file containing the list verified by the economic team that work on the preparation of this list over a year retracing the digital indicators that can qualify this character or that to be on the list of (economic 100).
We will publish details about the 12-investor in the oil and energy later
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