meetings of the Joint Syrian Azerbaijan Committee Start in Baku … Allaw: Committee aims to promote cooperation and the signing of an agreement to buy Azerbaijani gas

In the Azerbaijani capital Baku, Began on Tuesday the meetings of the Joint Syrian-Azerbaijani economic cooperation and scientific, artistic and cultural headed by Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, and Ismet Abbasov, Minister of Agriculture of Azerbaijan.

Eng. Allaw said that the convening of this Committee comes to promoting cooperation and consolidation of political and economic relations between the two countries and follow up implementation of agreements signed during the visit of President Bashar al-Assad to Baku for cooperation in the fields of higher education – Tourism – Health – Electricity and Renewable Energy – Finance – Maritime – Culture – Investment – Education – IT Communications and Informatics – Customs Affairs – Agriculture – Industry – as well as a memorandum of understanding for political consultation between the two countries – and the Convention to exempt holders of passports and diplomatic task of visa has been approved by all of us by the Syrian government and entered by majority into force .

The two sides have continued to negotiate for the purchase of quantity / 1-1.5 / billion cubic meters per year of natural gas to Azerbaijan as well as cooperation between the Syrian Oil Company and the Azeri national oil company in exploration and production.

The two sides discussed many areas of economic, scientific and cultural interest, especially with respect to strengthening cooperation in economy, trade, investment and cooperation between the two countries in agriculture and promote cooperation in the fields of energy, industry, electricity and renewable energy, education and scientific research and transportation as well as cultural and tourism cooperation, communication and technology, and public health.

The two sides discussed ways of accelerating the completion of the procedures necessary to expand the legal framework governing relations between the two countries reach a common understanding in preparation for the signing of agreements and memorandums of understanding in various fields.

Azerbaijan is achieved in the past five years, a growth of the / 20 / to / 30 / percent, mostly in the energy field, also produced last year more than 50 / / million tons of crude oil and natural gas production of annual / July 23 billion cubic meters .

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