Aleppo –Kallss Gas Pipeline Line has an important lap in the implementation and up to the stage of “welding”

Syrian Gas Company go on completing the remaining part of the Arab gas pipeline that runs from Aleppo gas station to Kallass on Syrian-Turkish border about 60 km long and 36 inches diameter, and is linked to the first part of the gas through the line of the Central Region – Aleppo 24 inches in diameter.



Welding Operations of this line where started on 1st June, and the total length of welded line about 6,5 km elongated expected completion of the project in the first half of 2011.

Arab gas pipeline project is an actual start of the first Arab gas network in the region and will form the network in the future the main artery for gas transport between Arab countries and to link with the network in Europe.

The project in its early stages aims to transport and distribute natural gas to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
the project can extend to allow Iraq to gas producers and other presidents in the region to export natural theirs, to Europe or vice versa across networks and workshops and additional gas so formed “for the Arab gas network.”

Arab gas pipeline through Syria Consists of 36-inch pipeline along the 570 km from the Syrian-Jordanian borders to Kallass at the Syrian border of Turkey and consists of two parts, in addition to the pipeline, 24-inch length of 80 km stretching from Rayyan to the Syrian-Lebanese border.

the first part extends from Jordanian border to Rayyan gas station length of about 319.5 km and 36-inch diameter, while the second segment from Homs to class at the Syrian-Turkish border length of about 250 km.

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