Syrian Azeri Committee discussed tomorrow Syria’s export of 1-1.5 billion cubic meters per year of natural Azerbaijani gas

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources to head the Syrian side in the meetings of the Joint Commission for economic and scientific ,technical and cultural cooperation, with the Republic of Azerbaijan held its first meeting in the city of Baku on 29-30/6/2010.



During the meetings, will be the signing of several agreements on avoiding double taxation, and management of emergency situations, and Memorandum of Understanding in the protection of ancient cities and other conventions.

They will also discuss many common themes between the two countries in all areas (energy – Agriculture – Health – Tourism – education -culture), especially the follow-up negotiations to purchase a quantity/1- 1.5 / billion cubic meters per year of natural Azerbaijani gas, in addition to cooperation between the Syrian Oil Company and in
Azerbaijan’s national oil exploration and production, trade and
economic cooperation between the two countries.

Azeri Minister of Industry and Energy Nateq Aliyev visited Syria in
March and discussed with the Syrian side of bilateral cooperation in
oil and gas joint ventures between the Syrian Oil Company and the
Azerbaijani national oil company engaged in exploration and production
of oil and gas in addition to discussing the subject of buy Azeri gas
in quantities ranging from 1 – 1.5 billion cubic meters annually and
transported through the Turkish gas network to Syria, where the two
sides agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding on cooperation
issues and the timetable for completion of the negotiation on the
purchase of gas to reach a final agreement.

Allaw stressed that the arrival of Azeri gas to Syria will enable the
expansion of its use locally and exported to Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt,
Cyprus, Greece and Italy via the Arab gas pipeline and contributes to
the strengthening of relations through the participation of investors,
Azeris in the establishment of joint investment projects with the
Syrian side in various fields.

Azerbaijan is achieved in the past five years, a growth of the / 20 /
to / 30 / percent, mostly in the energy field, also produced last year
more than 50 / / million tons of crude oil and natural gas production
of annual / July 23 billion cubic meters .

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