Include treatment of 500 thousand cubic meters of oil residue and pollutants in the area of 200 thousand m2 . Implementation of environmental projects in Homs Refinery cost 100 million euros

General Company for Homs Refinery Signed with the “S-LCD” Canadian company a convention to treat the refinery residue , resulting from the water treatment unit of the company.



Eng. Akram Sultan, Director General Company of Homs Refinery said that This project is the most important environmental projects that the company began being implemented to reduce the environmental impacts of the refinery, pointing out that the agreement includes the processing of 500 thousand cubic meters of oil residues and contaminants spread over an area of 200 thousand square meters of land surrounding the refinery which had accumulated since the establishment of the refinery in 1959 for the rehabilitation of the soil and become suitable for different purposes, using sophisticated techniques used for the first time in Syria resulting in some material suitable for investment in diverse fields.



The director of the refinery said that the importance of this project is to find the solution of scientific and economic problem of oil contaminants accumulated after a number of attempts and studies costly to fix in the past decade, pointing out that the agreement with the Canadian side for the payment of an amount of about 2 euros per one cubic meter of waste paid by the Canadian company for the refinery and continue implementation of the project for three years.



Sultan added that the company started this year implemented a number of environmental projects to address environmental impact in a number of sites filtered to reduce the negative effects of pollutants and emissions to the maximum extent possible in accordance with standard specifications Syrian alluding to the most important projects, including reliance on natural gas instead of fuel oil heavy in the burning and the transfer of open loop to cool the containers Coking issued emissions to the atmosphere directly to the circuit is closed and the rehabilitation of water treatment plant discharges from the refinery and the establishment of a new unit to deal with water pH and the use of SEO combustion furnace and replacement analyzers oxygen system burning furnaces to reduce emissions as much as possible in addition to rehabilitation some units of the refinery to reduce the adverse environmental effects.



the director of the refinery said that had been prepared for these projects and will be pursued in full coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Environment Directorate Homs through a commission established by the Ministry and operate under the auspices of Department of the refinery and the Director-General of the Environment in Syria, comprising representatives of the refinery and the Ministries of Environment and oil.



It is noteworthy that the cost of these projects is estimated at around 100 million euros to be implemented over three years to become the refinery eco-friendly.



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