Deepen cooperation with TotalFinaElf highlighted the topics discussed in Dardari visit to France

Abdullah Dardari Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs said that during his visit to France negotiations with the company TotalFinaElf will be held to renew the contract of partnership for the production of oil company Total and the Syrian Oil Company.

This was stated in a press statement by Dardari before his departure to France scheduled for 21 and 22 of this month to discuss and examine some of the economic agreements signed during the prelude to the visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Syria in September next.
Dardari also confirmed that there was a draft framework cooperation agreement between the Ministry and the oil company TotalFinaElf for cooperation in various fields such as the establishment of various companies for exploration and development in Syria and outside, in addition to the areas of cooperation in gas and pipeline transport at the regional level.
Dardari said that Syria has distinctive relations with TotalFinaElf company based on transparency and confidence with no difficulty, adding that TotalFinaElf had submitted several proposals to implement development projects for gas sites in Syria and the development of the network stations for the distribution of fuels and the Framework Convention.
It is noteworthy that multiple media sources reported that the director general of Total, will visit Syria in the coming period to hold talks with Syrian officials to enter the company’s new exploration contracts in areas where Syria has opened areas where prospecting and in light of the indicators of the presence of oil in it.
TotalFinaElf is one of the most prominent foreign oil companies operating in Syria is a partner with the company Syrian Oil Company in Deir Al-Zour oil-producing about 35000 barrels per day from fields in the governorate of Deir Al-Zour The company recently received ISO 14001 in line with international standards for environmental management systems is the first company Oil in Syria receive this certificate.
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