Refining 3 million tons of oil derivatives in Homs and Banias Refineries

The planned volumes of crude oil refined in the HRC is actually during the first quarter of this year, 1.41 million tons compared to 1,335 million tons planned with implementation rate of 106%



the volume of oil produced is actually 9933 tons against 15000 tons planned, an implementation rate of 66%, while the volume of products marketed to the domestic market 1.28 million tons, while the amount of derivatives, the planned marketing of 1.208 million tons with the implementation of 106% As for the mineral oils have been marketed as 10906 tons against 15000 tons by 73% and total expenditure on the investment plan the amount of 42.458 million pounds by the implementation of 69%.


In Banias Refinery total refined oil for the same period of the year 1.579 million metric tons compared to 1.62 million metric tons planned implementation rate of 98% as total sales of refinery internal and external 1.707 million metric tons compared to 1.805 million tons with the implementation of 95%, while spending on the draft plan investment of 164.385 million pounds by 104% implementation of projects included the replacement and renewal, and housing for the city and station loading and unloading and the project engineering solutions of the economics of the refining capacity.



The annual plan of the General Organization for refining aimed to achieve economic and social a plan development of Syria by providing the local market’s growing need of oil products, mineral oils and therefore reduce and limit imported from outside the country.



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