Russian Story Trans Gas: Syria is important to cross the two-ways gas

. Russian companies operating in the energy sector have good presence in Syria, where it is represented in the establishment of power stations and gas plants where the company Story transgas Russia is building the largest factory in Syria for the Middle East, in addition to the implementation of the Arab gas pipeline in most Syrian territory.



the gas plant south of the central region entered six months in service with 7.5 million cubic meters per day and is building another plant will enter service by mid-2011 with 3.2 million cubic meters per day.


.‏Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Sergei Koshchin said in a statement that Russian construction companies is working in Syria since a long time and carried out large projects with a reflection on the Syrian economy, where the company Story trans gas the implementation of the Arab gas pipeline in the first phase of the Jordanian border to Homs, as well as labs of gas and added: We follow nowadays the tenders announced by the Syrian government to implement projects in the energy sector.


Regarding to the importance of the position of Syria for gas said: “Syria is very important for us as a number (1) in Russia and 17 at the global level to extend the gas pipelines, and the task of Syria as a transit area for the gas of the region such as Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia towards Europe and it is also important to transport gas to the region from Azerbaijan and Iran via Turkey, so we are keen to be present in Syria always.



On the Russian president’s visit to Syria and its impacts on their work, said: visit is important and go beyond the economic relations and enter into the spirit of friendship which constitute for us a great support to facilitate our work, strengthening and we have a special relationship with the Syrian government has met with President Bashar Assad at the opening of the gas pipeline and launch gas plant south of the central area and were surprised by the banks of accurate details of our work and our role and relevance of the projects being implemented were asked to continue to work in Syria and expressed the desire to cooperate and all the attention to resolve any obstacles we encounter, and this gives us great responsibilities towards those with whom we long-standing relationship and ongoing care of the parties and therefore will not be delayed to enter the bidding for projects in Syria.



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