Completion of the feasibility study for the final phase of Arab Gas Line

Eng Naim Danhish project manager of Arab-European gas market said that the preparation of feasibility study for the final phase of the Arab Gas Pipeline is on its way , which will stretch for about 320 meters from the Al Rayyan to calcification of the Turkish border via Aleppo and from there will be linked to the Turkish gas network and then to the gas market in EU in the West and Iran as a possible gas provider in the east.


The Danhish said in a press statement that the study will include a full assessment of the impact of environmental components in addition to technical, financial and economic feasibility study which will help to attract significant funding gas line when completed in mid of 2008 noting that the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum was reviewing the recommendations and the “road map” to develop Legal and regulatory framework prepared by the Centre for cooperation.

Elsewhere project manager said that one of the most important factors of development of any institution attention to staff training to upgrade them to the level of global institutions, adding that within this framework is following its center to train workers in the gas industry in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, where courses have been in the management of a network of gas and study realistic situations.
The environmental impact assessment and the latter made to the Syrian Gas Company in the network centre in Al Rayyan Centre is also currently a series of training courses and administrative and technical round tables and study tours to the crew and officials of the gas industry.
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