Tactical project to combat oil fires and deal with environmental pollution in the Directorate of fields Hasakah

service project group in the province of Hasakah Carried out a tactical combat oil fires and deal with environmental pollution caused by leakage of gas fields in the Directorate of Hassake in Alrumailan, within the Government plan for disaster response.



Major Jihad Hamidou Commander Fire Brigade in Hasakah stressed that the theme of the project is in the planning and implementation of the civil administration and civil defense in the face of the effects of fires in the parks of the wells oil in alrumailan and implementation of civil defense in such a case of fire and to rescue and evacuate the injured and the implementation of repairs and restoration.



The project aims to improve the expertise of staff and volunteers in this area, both in the civil administration, civil defense and internal security forces or in institutions and community service in the province.



The project was implemented in three stages of the first theoretical explanation. Second bombing of a village and fires on oil fields.



Third, the start of self-protection at the oil installations (fire – ambulance – Disclaimer – save) was working to put out the fire in accordance with a specific mechanism and system of work.




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