One third of Syrian oil is exported crude … three refineries are still faltering

Operating of new gas plants, as well as the expected ones, squandered energy concerns for many years because there is not new additions looming in the horizon unless there are major discoveries. existing wells that need to develop are only the fields wells upon which the current gas plants.



‏ Based on sources at the Oil Ministry’s commitment to the Oil Ministry to secure gas to the Ministry of Electricity up to 24 million cubic meters a day until 2014, according to energy projects that are under way.


Great achievements have been achieved in oil sector helped to dispel the concern that electricity sector lived in 2007 and before, as well as it ended the decision to lift the diesel prices the problem of providing large sums for the supply of fuel gas after consumption dropped to the point arrived where consumption in 2008 to the equivalent of 2003 consumption and thus lower to import 20% of domestic consumption and it is not much different than in gasoline, but the problem of gasoline consumption to increase the rate of entry of a large number of cars and therefore the rate of imports will rise permanently.


While the problem of oil refining have not been solved and projects for the construction of three new refineries had failed , according to statements made by the Ministry of the oil was supposed to enter the refinery joint between Syria – Venezuela, Malaysia and Iran in service in 2011, but the fact that studies have not yet been completely fulfilled, according to sources in the ministry, due to the changing international circumstances after the global financial crisis and oil price volatility was a different situation to the refineries the other two in Deir al-Zour, which was supposed to build an alliance company Noor with a group of investors, a refinery with a capacity of 140 thousand barrels such as those announced in Alfrqls as well as to China-based company to build another refinery in Deir al-Zour with a capacity of 100 thousand barrels per day.


According to the Ministry of oil, oil refineries, large projects increased construction cost of 1.5 billion dollars to 4.5 billion dollars, economic projects are not economically revenue for investors is of low revenues and the capital needs for many years and it investors started demanding projects that were more rents serve as incentives for the entry of investors refinery projects such as projects to develop oil fields or the implementation of transmission lines derivatives (transit(


.‏ In addition to the foregoing, the refinery construction projects subject to environmental conditions raise the cost except for the fact that the refining with several parties such as suppliers of oil exporters and carriers in addition to manufacturing, this is what complicates the process of the projects for the refinery.


So far our production of oil is about 385 thousand barrels about 250 thousand barrels per day of it is refined locally via Banias and Homs refineries, and exporting 130 thousand barrels of crude if it had been refining what comes out raw, Syria will be essential for the supply of refined petroleum products during the next few years, but with the faltering projects for the construction of refineries and even delayed the project for developing the Banias refinery, which increased cost of about 700, 000, 000 U.S. dollars to 1.5 billion dollars, which would transform the black derivatives such as Fuel to white derivatives such as gasoline and diesel Things are further complicated in the face of rising demand for oil derivatives and the establishment of projects, refineries.


the reported reasons for the failure of projects is true, but there are other reasons still mysterious draft development Banias the initial study of hundred million pounds to increase with the delay to 600 000 000 and currently stands at 1.5 billion and the refinery, which was scheduled to be held in Deir ezal- Zour through Noor alliance was walking good and there was no financial slump and it does not succeed for the refinery in common with Iran, Venezuela and Malaysia, all this requires a move quickly.



To resolve the matter, even if done at least one refinery before exiting HRC received from the service after years of which have become particularly harms the health of their presence in a residential area much higher than the earnings material.


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