Croatian INA company to start drilling exploratory wells in Block 10 in Hama

INA Croatian company began digging the well on behalf of the first exploratory well Sib -1 on 24/4/ 2010, which is located in the eastern part of Block 10 to the north east of the town about 60 km to Assalamiah province of Hama.



The aim of INA Corporation from drilling the well to the exploration of hydrocarbon layers in the section Alrswi especially Alchorahina dolomite layer where it was found evidence of hydrocarbons in wells drilled in the region surrounding the well and the well will penetrate the entire section until Alrschew Albalyozoik Amanus sand layer depth of a total of about 2900 meters.


It is worth mentioning that the INA Corporation conducts exploratory drilling and exploration from the date of 06.26.2004 has been extended for the first time for 24 months from 10/8/2008.



INA Corporation has another investment in Syria in partnership with the General Petroleum Corporation by the company Hayan implementing the development processes in the production of oil and gas fields explored by the INA Corporation in the contract area Hayyan (fields Ghar – Palmyra – al-Muher – Jazal – al-Mustadira – Mzaror) also follows in the exploration contract Hayyan area to the west of Palmyra, and according to the “Contractor’s program and budget for exploration and approved by the GPC.

Hayan Petroleum company establishing a laboratory gas Hayan near Palmyra to deal with about 4 million cubic meters of gas per day and is expected to be completed laboratory before the first quarter of 2011 and will begin operations in December of this year, where will result in the plant about 7.3 million cubic meters of clean gas and 5000 barrels of condensate and 180 tons of cooking gas.

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