Dijlah Petroleum Corporation starts production from the field Yusufiya at 1200 barrels per day

Dijlah Company has started crude oil production from oil field Yusufiya in northeast Syria in the sector / 26 / after oil was discovered on the 05/11/2009 and was approved commercial discovery of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources on 01/21/2010. And according to sources with the General Organization for oil.


Dijlah Petroleum Company, joint venture between the General Petroleum Corporation and Gulf Sands Petroleum Company explore under a contract for oil exploration, development and production and ratified by Legislative Decree No. / 43 / for the year 2003.


Gulf Sands said earlier that the production of crude began in the field of Yusufiya and the company has started drilling well east of Kurbet -15 H in Syria
The company said – that the initial production rates amounted to about 1200 barrels of oil per day for wells Yusufiya 1 and Yusufiya -3 together.


Gulf Sands predicted increased production of oil company to about 20 thousand barrels per day in the second half of 2010 of about 18 thousand barrels per day currently.



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