2.230 billion SP phosphate Company ‘s profit in 3 months …. production plan to produce 5 million tons per year to meet export demands

General Phosphate Company during the first quarter of this year achieved profits amounted to two billion and 230 million Syrian pounds , one billion and 932 million of them is for the external sales and 298 million pounds of sales of the Interior.

Eng. Farhan al-Muhsen General Manager of the company said that the company produced during the same period, about 940 thousand and 388 tons of phosphate, indicating that the company’s plan for the current year include to produce two million and 445 thousand tons of phosphate.
He pointed out that the company seeks to increase production capacity for export and to meet the needs of the General Company for Fertilizers in light of the growing demand for phosphate as well as developing an integrated plan including the development of production, transport and increase export capacity and storage of phosphate in the port of Tartus and 150 thousand tons through the project repository disgrace new port capacity of 60 thousand tons and the establishment of a direct link to download the towers ships.
He added that the company was considering offers to draft laundering phosphate with 2.1 million tons annually in the phosphate mines east and up-to-energy production capacity to 5 million tons per year as a first stage in order to meet export demand and the needs of the General Company for Fertilizers current and future addition to studying a project to develop the production capacity to 10 million tons per year of phosphate with an Indian company and will make for the most part and phosphate fertilizer complex and phosphoric acid in fertilizer plants, which examines created in the mines of the East.
The largest phosphate deposits in Syria up to one billion and 800 million tones.

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