President Assad Inaugurates Ebla Gas Plant and underlined the importance of Syria’s gas resource and its investment to the best of ways.

President Assad Inaugurates Ebla Gas Plant and underlined the importance of Syria’s gas resource and its investment to the best of ways.



President Bashar Assad underlined Thursday the importance of Syria’s gas resource and its investment to the best of ways.


Inaugurating Ebla Gas Plant in al-Freqlus, Homs, 162 kilometers from Damascus, President Assad called for the expanding of gas exploration, produce, and continued use of international up-to-date technologies to contribute to the execution of huge developmental projects, as to keep pace with Syria’s ongoing development and growth process.


Further, President Assad asserted the importance of follow-up and execution of Arab, regional and international cooperation projects in the field of gas import, export, transport, and marketing.
The President toured the plant departments and was briefed on its mechanism of work and components.
The Plant of treating-gas-capacity stands at 2.8 million cubic meters per day, and its daily production capacity stands at 2.5 million cubic meters of clean gas.

President Assad was also briefed on gas projects in Syria, means of expanding gas usage, given its environment-friendly nature.

Furthermore, the President reviewed the phases of under-execution gas-treatment plants, ways of gas transport through the gas-network pipelines spreading all over Syria, and the measures planned to be taken by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources as to supply Syria’s Industrial Zones with gas to substitute fuel, and to meet the demands of electricity generation stations.

President Assad was received upon his arrival at the plant by Prime Minister Mohamad Naji Otri, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resource Sufian Allaw, Homs Governor Mohamad Iyad Ghazal, and by the ambassador of Canada to Damascus Minister of Oil Associates, Dr. Hassan Zeinab, Abdou Husam al-Din and Ali Abbas, Director-General Petroleum Corporation and Omar Al Hamad, Director General of the Syrian Petroleum Company, Eng. Hussein Wadaa General Manager of Syrian Gas Company and Ali Alderboli Chairman of the joint management of the plant and Jon Ferrier General Manager of Petro-Canada in Syria, Amer Kuzbari deputy general manager of Petro-Canada and the Canadian ambassador in Damascus.



Ebla Gas Plant was conducted by Petro-Canada Company , and Petrofac in the governorate of Homs to the east of al-Freqlus area about 10 km and consists of a gathering Gas station in the field of al-Shaer and a pipeline to transport raw gas along the 77 km, linking al-Shaer field and al-Freqlus Gas Plant with a line to export gas from the plant along the 3.2 km, to the national grid. and digging / 10 / wells of which 6 wells to produce gas, and three wells to produce oil, wells and one water disposal class in addition to the treatment plant gas with capacity 2,8 million m 3 of raw gas per day and produces about 120 tons of cooking gas and about 2500 barrels of condensate in addition to 2,5 million m 3 of clean gas.



Oil Minister: Ebla Gas Plant was completed in a standard period of time prior to the schedule specified in five months and employs some 300 engineers and technicians

Electricity sector consumes 80 percent of the quantity mentioned and other sectors consume the remaining quantity, Allaw said .


The minister pointed out that the Ebla gas plant, which was inaugurated today completed a period of record time before the schedule specified in five months and the plant employs about 300 engineers and technicians and workers, pointing out that the lab is a joint venture with Petro-Canada, which hired investment to develop gas fields in the region of the poet and the compilation of this gas and transferred at a distance of 80 km from the station to al-Shaer Ebla Gas Plant.





Allaw stressed that Oil Ministry has prepared a strategic plan for gas production focused on the management of reservoirs of the current fields according to the latest global technology and raise the cost-effective as possible and appropriate investment in economic gas facilities, product and investment plants and existing plants currently possible to design them by linking sources of additional or improving the outcome of the fields linked and further develop the discovered fields and linked by a factor of the new gas.



Abbas: There are positive indicators and data promises new discoveries will supply our system of gas in the future

For his part, Ali Abbas, recently important projects had been established to support economy and secure sources of clean fuel for electricity production in Syria, where two gas projects are currently implemented, one plant / Hayan / which will be completed at the end of this year, with 4 million cubic meters of gas per day and the second gas plant north central region, which is implemented by the Syrian Gas Company in collaboration with Russian Stroytransgas with 3 million cubic meters per day is expected to be completed in the second half of 2011 and the end of these two projects we have completed our infrastructure in Syria in the field of collecting, processing and exporting natural gas to consumers in the inside Syria.



And on the future needs of the gas in Syria, Abbas said that the oil ministry had prepared a study of production and demand for gas has shown the presence of an increase in the need for gas in the future, which shows that the planned production will not be enough for domestic consumption, therefore, seek to link the strategic neighboring countries in order to secure outlets for gas supply to Syria where he was to relate the south with Egypt and Jordan through the establishment of Arab gas pipeline is being linked with Turkey to import gas from Azerbaijan and Iran after the completion of talks with them in addition to study the possibility of linking the invading Iraq with the Arab gas pipeline through the establishment of a gas pipeline linking gas networks between Syria and Iraq, note that there are positive indicators and data promises new discoveries our system of gas supply in the future.



Wadaa: increased gas production will lead to reduced reliance on fuel material that is imported from abroad in foreign currencies

For his part, the Eng. Wadaa stressed on the importance of the Ebla gas project, and gas processing plants that were being implemented come from the economic revenues which achieved through investment in gas producing fields, which leads to the provision of large quantities of gas ready for use, thus reducing the dependence on fuel material that is imported from abroad in foreign currencies and world prices, while being sold at a subsidized price to consumers.


Jon Ferrier: Petro-Canada has invested over two and a half years more than a billion dollars to develop the field, al-Shaer and al-Sharefa


In his turn, Lyon Feriz explained that the company has invested over two and a half years more than a billion dollars to develop the field al-Shaer and al-Sharefa, been dug 10 wells, gas and 3 oil wells and wells for water disposal station and collect gas in al-Shaer field and line to transport gas from that field to al-Frukles plant gas .He pointed out that Petro-Canada is interested in expanding its activities in Syria and to participate in the announcement by the Ministry of Oil for areas to exploration and because of the cooperation shown by the Ministry and the General Organization for Petroleum and favorable investment climate and encouraging in Syria.



Kuzbari: Petro-Canada has trained 90 engineers and technicians in Syria from the Syrian Gas Company to run the lab

For his part, Amer Kuzbari said that the company has trained 90 engineers and technicians from the Syrian Gas Company, which are involved in the operation of the plant, in addition to the training of 9 Syrians engineers in the centers of the company in Canada for 11 months to work as supervisors of operations productivity in the project rather than foreign experts.

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