Ibla Gas Plant in al-Freqles to be opened on Thursday… 2.5 million cubic meter of gas a day ,2500 barrel of oil ,100 tons of house gas

Primer Eng. Mohammed Naji Ottri and Eng. Sufian Allaw minister of oil and mineral resources to open Ibla Gas Plant in al-Freqles which was implemented by Petro Canada Company through developing al-Shaer and al-Shareefa oil fields based on service contract that was approved by law 33 in 2006.


The project contains :

1- digging 10 wells( 6 wells for gas production,3 for oil and one for water.

2- Gas Mixing station in al-Shaer field and gas line with 77 km length link al-Shaer field with gas plant in al-Freqles with exporting line from gas plant by3.2 km to the national net.

3- Gas treating plant near of al- Freqles with 2.8 million cubic meter of crude gas a day . and production of 120 tons of house gas and 2500 barrel of condensates in addition to 2.5 million cubic meter of clean gas.



90 Syrian Engineers and technicians of Syrian gas Company trained 9 of them had their training in Petro – Canada in Canada for 11 months to work as supervisors on Production operations of the Project instead of foreign experts.



Petro- Canada as well as is carrying out Exploration and Production Operations in Block 2 with 6700 km2 based on 4/2004 contract .



Syria’s production of gas is about 25 million cubic meter a day 18-19 million cubic of it is a clean gas .. Syria import 2.5 million cubic meter a day from Egypt .



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