Syria specifies penalties of fuels smuggling

A presidential decree identified penalties of smuggling or trying of smuggle of diesel oil and oil derivatives and other subsidized materials in six to 12 years imprisonment a fine of not less than five times the value and not more than ten-fold.

If smuggling accompanied with the use of violence or arms ,the minimum sentence of ten years imprisonment with a fine ten times the value of contraband. Under paragraphs of Legislative Decree No. (42) that issued by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the confiscation of modes of transport used in smuggling or attempted smuggling.
It also provided other paragraphs in the Legislative Decree on punishing both possess quantities of these materials over natural boundaries, or possession without legal justification.
The Government increased the price of diesel fuel in recent months has tripled, which lifted most commodity prices and costs of living life. The price per litre of diesel oil Limits eight Syrian liras (U.S. dollar about 46 Syrian pounds) and is 25 pounds per litre in addition to raising the price of petrol and gas.
The government says that large quantities of oil derivatives are being smuggled into neighboring countries because the price is cheaper in Syria.
Syria Oil

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