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Hayan Gas Plant to Be Put into Service Before End of 2010, Ministry of Petroleum Plans to Produce 160 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas from 2009 to 2025

Minister of Petroleum Eng. Sufian Allaw discussed on Saturday with members of Hayan Petroleum Company progress in carrying out the Hayan gas plant near Palmyra.


Project supervisors expect the Hayan gas plant to be put into service before the contract’s deadline, which is the first quarter of 2011. They say the plant will begin operation in December 2010, producing around 2.7 million cubic meters of clean gas, 5000 barrels of natural gas condensate, and 180,000 tons of cooking gas.



Allaw noted that Syria has considerable reserves of natural gas, with the amount of gas that can be produced estimated at 285 billion cubic meters, adding that this amount can increase with new discoveries.


He also said that the Ministry of Petroleum’s plan calls for producing 160 billion cubic meters of natural gas from 2009 to 2025.




Hayan Petroleum Company is a joint operating company established by the General Petroleum Establishment and the Croatian petroleum company INA. The company began drilling and production in 2005.


Minister Allaw also visited a number of oil wells and the Euphrates Petroleum and Gas Technical Institute near the city of Deir Ezzor, and a station for transporting crude oil east of the city of Homs.



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