Confirmation of their worth in the field of environmental services in the sectors of oil and strategic industries … Elard of the development of sophisticated resources to get ISO certification

Elard Company for the development of sophisticated resources to obtained quality control certificate ISO9001, after work in the area of environmental services in Syria for five years, especially in the sectors of oil and strategic industries, thus to be the first environmental consulting firms that receive ISO.



Elard provided during this period of environmental services for most oil companies operating in Syria, including:

• Golf Sands oil explore Company in the region of Qamishli
• oil refinery in Karbala, Iraq – (in collaboration with the Italian company Technip)
• Attabiah gas plant in Deir al-Zour (Total and Deir Al-Zour oil companies)
• the work of seismic surveys and drilling in Hassake ,al-Shaer , Petro-Canada
• The work of seismic surveys and drilling Tatneft company – Abu Kamal
• drilling of four wells for Syria Shell
• The work of seismic surveys and drilling Cioznaft company
• Studies of the seismic company Loun Latakia – Syria
• Laboratory gas company Petro-Canada
• Company works Hayyan (wells and the gas plant and all facilities).
It also conducted the environmental studies for , Lafarge Cement, ,Rajhi Cement Company and Cement Badia Company. On the other hand, the company has carried out many hydrogeological studies for industrial and oil companies (Petro-Canada – Stroigaz – Lafarge – Cement CEMENA).

In addition to the launch of its environmental services, including excellent introduction d2w additive for the manufacture of plastic bags, making it biodegradable in nature to the eco-friendly ingredients and provides for quantitative accumulation in the soil and waterways and visual distortion.

Site Manager of Syria Oil Company congratulates the Alard Director-General Dr Sheikh Ali conciliator and workers that the accomplishment of obtaining a certificate of ISO9001 quality control which emphasizes the company’s extensive experience in environmental services and their ability to develop performance and use the latest methods and technologies in this area. We wish them continued success and brilliance.


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