Including Shell and Total … the low commission rate deter the entry of oil products distribution companies, to Syria

Mahroukat company stressed that the lack entery of global companies of fuel and oil derivatives distribution to the Syrian market so far due to the number of obstacles mainly that companies aren’t convinced of the use of market entry to Syria because of the low commission of $ 4 per thousand.


Shell – Total – Noor and Qatar Petroleum Company applied to the fuel for the establishment of petrol stations / 25 / station for each company is geographically dispersed within Syrian Territories away from the Syrian border areas, but those companies as sources of fuel “has not resolved after entering the Syrian market, despite that talks reached to advanced stages, “although it” was to give these companies, including state land sites but none of them no longer to sign the final contract. ”

sources of Mahroukat stressed that “there is a committee of the Ministry of Economy is currently considering the possibility of addressing the obstacles to access of these companies, including the adoption of suitable commission for all parties.”

And the impact of increased commission, if approved by the Ministry of the economy, on fuel prices, sources said that “the commission generally borne by the state and not the citizen and thereby raising the commission of foreign companies will increase the burden on the state treasury will not be reflected on the rise in fuel prices.”

According to official media reports that the commission was established by the Ministry of Economy on the fuel stations will not allow a global distribution company operating within Syria.

The sources pointed out that “the government is trying through entering of these companies comes in the market of services provided in addition to achieving its objectives to increase investment in the country.”
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