Syrian national talents is Focus of attention of UAE companies

Syria-oil knew that Abu Dhabi National Oil Company /ADNOC/ is currently testing number of Engineers and technicians in oil and gas field in Damascus Sheraton Hotel as a step to make contracts with those who will pass the test to work in Offshore platforms related to Abu Dhabi Marin Association /ADMA/.


Company’s representatives made the written and oral tests to select workers for operating production and fixing supervisors..

Contracts shows that company will give the successful ones monthly salaries for fixing supervisors by 22000 UAE Dirham /5000/ $ and 9000 UAE D for the operating workers and providing the housing and two ways plane tickets.



One of the candidates said that most of the candidates are of al-Furat oil company, Deir al-Zour and SGC employees and other companies.

ADMA is a leading company in Oil and Gas field in Abu Dhabi since 1950s.
Its operations focus on two main marine fields ; Um Ashief and Zuqm. Oil and gas production operations are implemented through Pipelines where are treated and stored before being exported abroad.




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