In the presence Dardari …oil ministry performed ina workshop the strategic plan for oil and gas production from 2010 to 2025

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral resources held a workshop to present and discuss the strategic plan of oil and gas production from 2010 to 2025 in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Abdullah Dardari and Sufian al-Alao Minister of Oil and Electricity , Transport ,Industry and the Environment Ministers and Dr. Ibrahim Haddad Prime Minister adviser for Energy and Ministers Assistants and GMs of oil and gas.


the workshop reviewed the terms of the preparation of the strategic plan in the area of oil in the further development of old fields and basic working through the application of modern technologies and appropriate in improving the productivity of wells and application of methods of recovery supported in the fields, low productivity, in order to reach the final maximum yield and the Declaration on the development of fields with production specifications, which contains heavy oil high viscosity and require special techniques for the production of these in addition to following up the completion explore some of the compositions, develop and explore new fields and reservoirs, to boost their reserves and increase production and follow-up to explore areas of open land and sea through the re-advertised for exploration.


The workshop as well as reviewed the preparation pf a plan of gas production strategy, which focused on reservoir management of the fields according to the present the latest techniques and raising yields as much as possible the economic and investment optimization of gas facilities and product labs, the investment of existing stations, “possible to design them by linking sources of additional or improve the yield of the bound fields and follow-up development of discovered fields and linked by a factor of the new gas (Sadad – Albelaas – Bureij … etc). In addition to study the possibility of a transfer of raw gas reserves discovered to invest from one region to another, especially being able to invest the surplus in the Deir al-Zour area factor and the continuation of recycling gas field al-Tabya until 2014, with a view to the best of the hydrocarbon fluids.

In the area of improving the specifications of petroleum products and environmental situation in the oil refineries confirmed speakers at the workshop stressed on the production and conversion of gasoline consumption in the Syrian Arab Republic to lead-free gasoline in the three-year plan began in 2003 and the beginning of 2006 has become a full production of the refineries almost lead-free gasoline. The diesel fuel has been two new version of standards of the diesel (heating – Engines) and started importing diesel with low sulfur content which is currently being used in the procedure and the buses are working to amend the standard specifications for petroleum products, have been economic studies of new refineries, according to European standards.





the workshop concluded to a series of proposals focused on the importance of optimal investment of the geographical location of Syria in order to secure additional sources of energy to meet the projected shortfall in the future and to intensify efforts to complete the negotiation and conclusion of agreements to import gas from Iran and Azerbaijan through Turkey and put it in force as soon as possible and secure the necessary funding to create the infrastructure necessary to do so and intensify efforts to cooperate with Iraq in the development and investment Akkas field gas, which is located on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which can be perceived as a reliable and safe supply of natural gas to meet part of the deficit in the future in the Syrian market.

It was also suggested to encourage investment and provide the necessary facilities for developing and expanding renewable energy sources such as wind, sun, etc. … and pregnant women need to rely on additional energy such as coal, nuclear energy, particularly in the area of power generation in order to reduce reliance on gas, fuel, and diversify sources of energy more reliable.

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