For the 1st time in Syria…… to extend the line to export oil under the bottom of the Euphrates River

oil company, a joint venture between the SPC and Total E&P Syrie , has finished the first phase of a project of replacing part of the main export route along the 17 kilometers of which 450 meters beneath the Euphrates River depth as a precaution to prevent leakage of oil due to the presence of erosion and damage to the old line .


Eng. Ramadan al-Noum director of operations in the company said the the fields process of replacing the distance from the main export line / line was by 16 inch /, which is implemented by the Egyptian Vlotks co. done in a horizontal drilling under the river bed directed ten meters in depth, noting that this method is used for the first time in Syria, where the the previous replacements at the bottom of the river is in a trench at the bottom which is the way high-cost and non-secure and protect the river from pollution, unlike the new method / drilling under the river bed /.


He clarified that the linking process between the old and the new line which is the 2nd phase,will be carried out by Tikpisa Spanish and conducted in a manner of connection with the play / hooked up on a warm / a modern way contribute to the continued oil transit without interruption during the process of delivering the old- new line.


The main export route Deir al-Zour oil company is about 107 km length from the station Jafra extended to the second station . It stated in last October by replacing 17 km of the main export and will end in July.



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