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Allaw visits Gas plant in south central region after one month of opening.. Ebla Gas Plant in Service in next May.. Petro-Canada GM. Yun Fraiyer : 1 billion $ investments in Syria

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources said that the production of gas in Syria arrived to / 25 / million cubic meters per day .. it produces clean gas about / 18 – 19 / million cubic meters a day as it imports 2.5 million cubic meters per day of Egyptian natural gas.



Allaw said during a field tour to the laboratory gas South-Central region of Ebla that the increased gas production, reduce import of fuel is backed by the government , which would support the national economy through the provision of large amounts of foreign exchange as well as reduce pollution from burning fuel as the gas friend of the environment, noting that Syria has large reserves of gas estimated recoverable of which about 284 billion cubic meters could increase with new discoveries.



Minister of oil indicated to some gas discoveries that promise to increase production, reaching the Syrian Oil Company to the discovery of gas in the initial area of Deir Atieh in addition to the previous discovery in Saddad region which is a positive indicator of gas-producing I al-Qalamoun regions in Syria.





The Minister said that Syria’s oil production stable around 380 thousand barrels per day, expressed his hope that production will increase in coming years due to the presence of indicators and the positive data by the SPC and companies operating in Syria, in addition to achievement tests conducted by some companies, such as APR, Petro- Canada and Tat naft for initial discoveries.


The Minister discussed during his trip to the gas plant south of the central region, which opened last month workflow and performance in the lab, stressing that the lab has produced since the beginning of this month until the eighteenth of more than 120 million cubic meters of clean gas and about 70 thousand barrels of oil and condensate and more than 350 tons of cooking gas, pointing out that the lab work within the design capacity for the production of / 7 / million cubic meters per day from / 6.6 / million cubic meters of clean gas.




The Minister reviewed with Ebla Gas Plant staff , the work that was done in cooperation with Petro-Canada stages of completion of the plant and heard of Amer Kuzbari Deputy Director-General about the stages of work, adding that gas supply will be of al-Shaer the field to the lab from the tenth of next March to begin operations in preparation and experimentation to start pumping gas to the Syrian network to transport gas in next May, the plant will produce about / 2.5 / million cubic meters of gas per day, about 2500 barrels of oil and 100 tons of cooking gas.


For his part, Yun Fryer, General Manager of Petro-Canada in Syria said that the lab will be completed two months ahead of schedule and that his company has trained a number of engineers working in the Syrian Gas Company in Canada in addition to the rehabilitation of a number of other of them in the training center in Homs in the field of technical management and computer and English to be able to run the plant after completion, pointing out that his company is investing about one billion dollars in Syria through the development of fields of al-Shaer and al-Sharifa gas plant and the establishment of Ebla.

Hussein Waddaa Director-General of the Syrian Gas Company indicated to the importance of gas projects implemented by the company comes from the economic return achieved by investment through the gas fields in the south central region which leads to the provision of large quantities of gas ready for use, thus contributing to reduce dependence on fuel material which are imported from abroad.

He noted that the Ministry of Oil supply electric power plants up to / 18 / million cubic meters per day, a quantity equivalent to more than / 18 / tons of fuel worth about $ 9 million every day is a considerable saving on the national economy as well as ease of delivery of gas stations electric power distributed all over Syria through the Syrian network to transport gas.


Meetings and tours were attended by Ali Abbas, Director GPC and Eng.Ali Alderboli GM Gas plant of south of the central region.

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