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ELARD Evaluates the Environmental affect of the Arab Gas Pipeline

Arab Gas Pipeline is one of the most important of Economic projects in the frame of Arab economic cooperation.The project plans to export and marketing natural gas from the field on the Mediterranean to Middle East to meet the need of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq of gas in addition to meet the main aim of reaching to the European gas net in two sides.



Technical and engineering Studies were prepared for the two parts of Aleppo /Kallas and Aleppo- al-Froqles/ by an International consultant team by Earth Link and Advanced Resources Development (ELARD)to study the the Environmental affect of installing and operating the two parts of the Arab Gas Pipeline. The company finished its job in its two phases in Syria.


The first part : is 62 KM long between Aleppo and Kallas and will allow the gas exporting from Syria using the existed pipe with 24 inch between Aleppo and Palmyra.
The Second part of the line is 185 KM , will link the Arab gas Pipeline in Aleppo with the main center in SGC in al-Rayan.




Earth Link and Advanced Resources Development (ELARD)to study the the Environmental affect in the first part in Aleppo through comprehensive survey for the track and collecting samples of water and soil in addition to making social , economic and archeological survey in the area.




The second study came in more details because it pass three provinces Homs Hama and Aleppo.
The reports of affect are put based on the environmental nature of the track in each province.



The stages contained discussion of the special parts with the participation of people and Economic activities in the villages that passed by the Arab Gas pipe line.



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