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with a capacity of 6000 oil barrels per day and 650,000 cubic meters of clean gas.. Hayan Oil and Gas Processing Station start work

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources opened Hayan Oil and Gas Processing Station. The station, located west of the city of Palmyra, will process the oil and gas produced by the Hayan Company fields with a capacity of 6000 oil barrels per day and 650,000 cubic meters of clean gas that is ready for use.



Allaw said that the station was completed in record time using local resources with supervision and funding by Hayan Company, with an overall cost of Euro 30 million.



He noted that Hayan Company is also working to establish a gas plant at Jahar, which will be completed before schedule during the first quarter of 2011 and will begin work in January 2010. This plant will produce around 3.7 million cubic meters of natural gas and 180 tons of cooking gas.





Allaw pointed out that Syria has large reserves of natural gas, with around 284 billion cubic meters of gas that can be produced, and this amount can increase with new discoveries. He added that the ministry is planning for an annual gas production that ranges between 10 to 12 billion cubic meters.



Syria’s oil production is stable at around 380,000 barrels per day, hoping that production will increase in the future due to positive indicators provided by the Syrian Petroleum Company and other companies working in Syria, the minister added.





Regarding prospecting in Syrian territorial waters, Allaw said the ministry surveyed around 10,000 square meters in the sea and that there will be an announcement soon on investing 5000 square meters of it.



Opening ceremony was also attended by Dr.Husain Zeinab Oil Minister Assistant, Eng. Ali Abbas GPC . GM, Eng. Omer al-Hamad SPC GM., Eng Husain Wadaah SGC GM., Abdulshakour Basha Chairman of Hayan Oil Company Board, Khochaba Nisan INA GM in Syria as well as number of manager of INA.



Hayan Company is a joint company established by the Syrian Petroleum Company and the Croatian INA Company. It began drilling and production in 2005 at fields discovered by INA
Hayan Gas and Oil Plant aims to treat gas and oil of Hayan fields with production power of 6000 barrel of oil a day and investing the accompanied gas to produce 650.000 cubic meters of clean Gas.
Croatian SISI Company implemented the project with total value of 30 million Euros during 18 months .

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