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SPC: We seek to update the equipment from excavators, machinery and replenished with advanced equipment to increase the geological reserves of oil and gas and we are working on the rehabilitation and resettlement of technical staff and development

SPC seeks to maintain the normal production of oil as long as possible to the survival hopes with a list of a gradual increase production through the expansion of the exploration and development of existing fields produced using modern technology to increase cost-effectiveness of productivity.



As oil and natural gas are major exporters of energy invested in Syria, the company is currently working with the normative on the modernization of equipment owned by the excavators and mechanisms of quality, engineering and replenished with new equipment and sophisticated in order to increase geological reserves of oil and gas reserves to supplement the current in Syria and increase yields of recoverable fields currently invested.

The company stresses that the most important objectives in the current phase is the rehabilitation and resettlement of the technical staff, develop and maintain technologies to keep pace with technical and scientific modern and creating appropriate conditions for it to engage effectively in the areas of scientific research so that future challenges facing the company successfully and achieve its objectives.

The company had concluded three contracts for the development of oil and its production by a contract with China National and two with Dublin in order to implement methods of production Enhanced Oil and others to raise the achievement of layers produced in the regions for decades and established companies providing oil services company (Ebla), a joint venture with ” Emek, “Egyptian and Palmyra company, a joint venture with a company / Orient / in order to provide services and engineering of drilling fluids and services borehole measurements.

The company is conducting geophysical surveys by the two divisions, the Task Force Survey two-dimensional and three-dimensional survey, where the company has achieved through the exploration of the many new discoveries in the areas of al-frqls – al-arc – East al-jbsih have been drilling a total of / 163 / meters linear through the number of wells in 2008 / 82 / exploratory and productive wells.



SPC implemented its annual plan of oil production in 1st half of this year with 100% average for quantities byproducing 5138030 ton (35537401 barrel) compared with 5147091 ton ( 35783092) barrel was planned so that the company’s daily production is 197430.



The implemented quantity of oil production includes 4942082 ton ( 34057971) barrel of heavy oil and 195948 ton ( 1479430 barrel of light oil .


The company met its digging plan by 97 % by exploration digging 14978 meter compared with 12600 meter was planed . the implementing average of exploration digging 119% . Company’s sources said that the increase in implementing average was due to the diggers EDICCO , EDGE and 3 that work in exploration and not in production.


The company’s production of Gas was 2920236 thousand cubi meter both accompanied and free compared with 2796133 cubic meters planned with implementing average by 104% ( 706573 thousand cubic meter of them is accompanied ,implementing average 93% and free 1086928 thousand cubic meter with implementing average of 114%. Free gas from Attabia field 1126735 thousand cubic meters with 104 % implementing average. The increase in implementing average was due to the demand of consumers.



The Export : the company achieved its annual plan in this area by 102 % for quantities of heavy oil by exporting 3122733 ton compared by 3075279 ton planned with 104 % implementing average . the light oil exporting was 578416 ton compared by 433283 ton planned with implementing average by 133% for quantities and 120 % for value . The increase in implementing average was due to International oil high prices .



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