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Cham Wings Airlines is considering expanding its fleet by operating jet for businessmen

Cham Wings Airlines Announced that it is considering expanding its fleet to new passenger aircraft and private jet capacity of 12 passengers custom business equipped with the latest equipment required by the nature of the business.


Eng. Essam Shammout Chairman of the Board said during the meeting of tourism and airlines offices in Syria that the company to expand its lines comes in the context of strengthening its presence as a carrier and a special national support to attend Syrian Arab Airlines with its increased competition in air transport market and the existence of more than 40 Arab and international operate in Syria in addition to meeting the desire of businessmen to provide a special service commensurate with their work and their movements.

Chamout pointed out that the company process of setting up aircraft maintenance center at Damascus International Airport in addition to its recently opened a training course for 30 and adding a host of national cadre.

He indicated to the Ministry of Transport towards the liberalization of airspace, which allows competition for companies to provide better services for their special and that Syria is entering a partnership with the European Union and this carries with it a commitment to the Convention on air transport liberalization and thus gain access to airspace and editing step as soon as the instructions for this editorial can be accessed The optimal operating, both internally and externally.

It is noteworthy that Cham Wings Airlines began its first national airline Syria, especially since nearly a year and conducted trips to Baghdad and Sharm el-Sheikh, Istanbul and Antalya and Jeddah.

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