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“Story Trans Gas”, “Lead” and “Aweys” companies completed all the installation and initial testing at a Gas Plant in South central Area … Oil Minister: the production of clean gas from the plant exceeded / 5 / million cubic meters per day

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources said that the production of clean gas from the gas plant south of the central region exceeded / 5 / million cubic meters per day, plus / 2500 / barrels of condensate per day, having completed the Syrian Gas Company in cooperation with Russian Story Trans gas , Lead and Aweys companies , all installation and initial testing in the mentioned lab.


Allaw explained that the max operational capability of the plant will be about 7.5 million cubic meters per day after the completion of the link fields Qoqom and Shamal al-Faid at the end of this month.
South central Area Gas plant aimed to develop gas fields Abu Rabah, Qoqom and Shamal al-Faid in which the natural gas reserves are about 40 billion cubic meters and the project includes the establishment of three compound plants and the separation of gas fields with three lines to connect wells with compound plants and the establishment of a plant to process natural gas in al-freqls area (60 km) east of the city of Homs can up to 7.5 million cubic meters annually. It is expected that the production of clean gas from / 6 to 7.2 / million cubic meters per day and about 3000 / to 4000 / barrels condensate per day and about / 60 – 70 / tons of cooking gas.

The total cost of the project including drilling and processing about 260 million dollars and two billion Syria pounds. Note was the implementation of the project and operated by the Syrian national qualified cadres.

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