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Contracts and concessions

News of contracts and concessions granted to companies in Syria and the Arab world, its news and many other details.. Coming soon…

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  1. ISMAT says

    From ; Adam Company For General Tradingning Subjects : Obtaining Contracts Concer Crude OilDear Sir…..We, Adam Company for general trading and specialized in obtaning contracts concerning crude oil,would like to inform you that we are ready to obtain the contracts of crude oil from the Ministry of Oil in Iraq .The Oil Trading Company (SOMO).The b elow mentioned conditions are requried :a.The C.V of the company. b. Financial guarantee from the company that has the refineryc.Certification of owning the refineryd.A bank pledge for covering the costs of the requried amount. Kind Regards Deputy DirectorADAM COMPANYGENERAL TRADING \AGENCYIRAQ \ KURDISTAN REGIONDHOUK

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