Features of new construction of oil sector started to appear on the land… GPC launched.. service Contract’ s Dependence

Features of new construction of oil sector started to appear on the land after nearly five monthes of creating General Petroluem Corporation and General Refining Corporation .




Abbas : We Launched

In this area Dr. Ali Abbas GM.GPC said that on 15/6 /2009 the starting phase began and the real work in the corporation started in its building in Dummer before of creating its board which will be before the end of this year.. the strategic work is going in its right way .

Abbas adding that service Contract’ s Dependence had been moved exclusively to the corporation ..



Makhlouf : Refining is in Homs

Eng. Nour Eddin Makhlouf GM.GRC said that the corporation is about of strong starting saying that moving its base to Homs was to meet the work needs of experts staffs in refining area which is not exist in Damascu and exist in Homs and Banias .

He added that currently the staff is provided from these two refineries and infrastructures of the temporary new building in Oil Institute in Homs.



Lights on GPC

The new establishment will be responsible for:
– Recommend strategies relating to exploring, develop and investing oil and gas resources.


-Prepare, develop and modify agreements and announcing about areas prepared for oil and gas investing and work development aimed for attracting investors in exploring, development, transportation and creating infrastructures for oil and gas resources.


-Put investing funding preference for main projects on national range in oil refining and derivatives area.
-Coordinate and cooperate with local, Arab and international training centers to help in national power building, and human resources development.


– Coordinate with Arab and international sides oil and gas field.


-follow up technical and scientific developments in oil and gas industries area.


– evaluate environmental effect of its projects and activities by coordinating with public body for
environment affairs and other parts and work on decreasing its damages.


-Coordinate with related authorities in export and import linked parts demands for crude oil and derivatives.


-supervise on operating companies and joint ventures in oil refining and derivatives distributing.
The company named capital is 200 million Syrian Pounds, that covers the Fixed Assets and allocations specified by the state.


The establishment will replace SPC and SGC in all rights and Commitments mentioned in all ratified contracts.



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