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Syria Shell participated in Job Fair 2009

Syria Shell participated in Job Fair 2009 on the Fair Ground in Damascus on 4-6th July by Syrian Young Entrepreneurs SYEA.



Syria Shell presented briefing on its economic and social activities in Syria especially its program” Intilaaqah Syria” to support Pioneers.



” Intilaaqah Syria” program is a social initiative by International Shell Company and a member in the investment social Shell Life Ware program that provide technical support and help the serious youth and those who are interested in the establishment of their own projects based on the company’s belief of the importance of developing the skills of young people as an essential part of its responsibility towards the development and community development projects and support the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises.





The program aimed to encourage the Syrian Youth to think in free work choice and enterprise activities and provide serious youth and those who are interested in the establishment of their own small projects and benefit from previous experts in this area and have their need of experience to make their projects successfully to provide new jobs in their society.



The program freely provides :
Programs and aware campaigns to youth about Entrepreneurs, free works and small projects.



Training programs to develop youth’ Skills to establish and manage their small projects .
Providing consultant services for Entrepreneurs after the training to help them in their own projects.





Intilaaqah Syria has started in Syria, under a memorandum of understanding between Social Affairs and Labor Ministry and Syria Shell in 2008.



For more  photographs of this occasion click here to visit cmera site 

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