Gas and Oil History

Rummage for oil and gas in Syria started by 1933.First commercial flow of oil in Karatchouk field was in 1956.Oil production in Syria was in May 1968 by the arrival of the first barrel of oil to Tartus port.

In gas sector Syrian Oil Company began to invest gas and generate electrical power since in 1975.
Exploration activity in Syria increased and extended to central and eastern areas, after it was only existed in northern and north-eastern and gas has become one of the main sources of energy. In 1984 light oil in Deir Al-Zour is discovered where as heavy oil was the most discoveries before that date.
Rummage and exploration
Oil rummage activity in Syria was limited to foreign companies until law No. 167 was issued in 1958, by which the Public Authority for oil was established, as the body gives the legislature the power to carry out exploration and production in addition to other tasks in the area of refining, transportation and purchase of oil derivatives.
In 1964 the Legislative Decree No. 132 was issued, which prohibited the granting a license for rummage and investment to foreign firms and restrict this right to the state.
The legal versions of rummage and oil production supervisors evolved until the state felt that such events require a specialize company then it issued the Legislative Decree No. 9 in 1974, by which it established the Syrian Oil Company, has its part to other specialize companies in refining, transportation, which are all linked to the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources.

Syrian Oil Company is the most important economic body in Syria, as its imports constitute more than 50% of national income.
In social terms , this company provides job for / 16000 / employee according to its management structure. And it Provides for them and their families, residential services and full health care.
Syrian Oil Company is responsible of mining industry, oil and gas research and exploration and pump oil and gas pipelines the local refineries or ports for export. The company as well as is responsible of all exploration, drilling, studies, production, assembly and development within the pipeline pumping .
Company participates and supervises the development of the geological map of Syria under a contract of cooperation with the ex- Soviet Union. With the implementation of weight and magnetic survey of the whole country which directed the density survey, so hopefully petroleum density ranged between [0.3 – 2.5] km / km 2, has been reached through these actions to:
A – clarify the internal structure of the sedimentary cover and identifying thick in various regions of the country.
B –issue an outline of the crystal base structure .
C – demarcation of different tectonic units and link with the business results of a geological and geochemical hoped to identify those units oil.
D – Establishment of seismology passages which have helped to clarify the form of installation of a different underground formations and read the history of geological evolution.
E – discovering of hundreds of combinations under a surface of the optimal oil
A – Syrian Oil Company is responsible of exploratory drilling and production throughout the country, but because of the discovery of trade oil and gas in the mid and eastern and north-east of the country excavation work is focused within these areas
B – Till 7/2003 exploration drilling were carried out in the / 343 / composites Syrian Oil Company implemented / 192 / and the rest are dug by contractual companies under the supervision Syrian Oil Company.
C – excavated structures currently available in proportion to 39% of the overall structures discovered in the country. because the company called to open some areas to global companies of oil exploratory work, in order to accelerate exploration and knowledge of actual potential of the country shortest possible time
D – the number of wells drilled in the country’s borders / 2900 (exploration, prospecting and production) well.
Oil Development
Oil production in Syria began in 1967. The actual production started in 1968 after it was created first pumping station in Tel Adass north-east Syria. Pumping oil took place through pipelines extending from the station’s crude to the port of Tartus across Homs refinery and arrived first shipment of oil for export to Tartus port in May 1968.

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