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Calidris 28 S.A. Luxemburg and Magellan Century Group Establish joint venture in Syria to launch Lifestyle products in the Arab region

On the occasion of a press conference in Damascus today, Calidris 28 S.A. Holding of Luxemburg and Magellan Century Group announced the establishment of Calidris 28 Arabia headquartered in Damascus.


Syria offers the best conditions for foreign companies and investors in terms of location and is the ideal starting point for Calidris 28 Arabia to supply the Arab market with innovative and trendy lifestyle products.


The launch of this product is marked by Black Can 28 and White Can 28, two high-quality energy drink products „made in Germany“achieving their stimulatory effect on a natural basis. Açaí berries harvested in the Amazon region and caffeine are considered the main energy sources for Black Can 28 and the sugar-free variation White Can 28. No taurine, artificial flavours, colorants and no preservatives were used for the production. The elegant, extremely puristic product design perfectly complements the high-quality content, making Black and White Can 28 the premium brand in the „pure energy segment“of caffeine-containing soft drinks.



By the middle of the year, Black and White Can 28 will be launched in 19 other Arab countries aside from Syria. The launch on the market is accompanied by a powerful marketing campaign as well as a major series of events in all the countries.



Dr. Asaad Farag, Executive Director of Magellan Century Group and Managing Director of Calidris Arabia 28 is enthusiastic about the collaboration: „the products of Calidris 28 AG are innovative, convey a high degree of lifestyle and superior quality. In this respect, they are perfectly suited for the booming Arab countries. To be as successful as possible on the markets of the Middle East, we will provide our partners with the highest degree of support in the fields of continuing sales education and training, event organising and media planning.“


For Karsten Böhrs, CEO of Calidris 28 S.A., “the joint venture represents the perfect symbiosis between lifestyle products, „made in Germany“and superior consulting expertise in the Arab League. The Magellan Century Group with its extensive experience is the perfect partner for us to be successful on the local market. “



All marketing activities are managed, coordinated and conducted from the corporate headquarters in Damascus. Calidris 28 Arabia joins a multitude of European companies who have already pitched their tent in Syria due to the new laws governing the promotion of the establishment of foreign companies.


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