Site Guest Eng. sufian Alao Minister of oil and mineral resources

Websites, in recent years has achieved turn point and became important resources of information that enable everyone to reach what he is asking about in short time .
Matters relating to energy, mainly oil and gas production and prices became of primary concern for all people and the biggest engine of the economies of the most prominent and influential in the lives of nations and peoples.

Distribution of oil culture has also become national, economic, financial, marketing need, especially in light of current economic challenges and great development witnessed by the world oil markets, which requires mutual efforts of companies with media to foster distribution the of oil culture.
One may think that oil culture is only to provide information about oil drilling , prospecting ,production, refining and distribution, but it is much greater. Oil Culture does not stop at this information only, but extended to oil policy and thought the oil based on well established national basis.
What also worth to say here that there is an urgent need to publish the culture of oil based on a national basis, especially among journalists, media and community work in different arenas of oil and there is an urgent need to plan for education and training of journalists specialized in oil, gas and mineral wealth. Also supporting websites specialized in this area and this vitally important sector by all available means only that the bulk of this responsibility rests with the oil and gas companies because it has benefited from the publishing of culture, particularly petroleum in the area of security, safety, reduce pollution , maintain the cleanliness and safety of the environment.
To achieve all these goals, we consider that the establishment of the Syria Oil site aims to publish all information relating to Syrian oil and gas with transparency and objectivity of an important event requires our sustain and support.
We call on oil and gas companies in Syria to provide the Syria Oil site of there latest news and provide support to this site to ensure the success of its message to follow up regularly and highlight the proportions achievement and alert to the difficulties and problems that may encountered in their implementation, interaction and communication with the views of workers in the oil sector, observations and suggestions on the performance of their companies and work and develop.

Best wishes to the site staff

Eng. sufian Alao
Minister of oil and mineral resources

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