Ukraine invites Syria to participate in an international summit on oil

 Ukrainian Embassy in Damascus has sent an invitation to the Syrian government to participate in , the international  oil summit II, which will be held on 13 September with support of the (Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine), and  participation of a number of ministers of the sector along with many experts and major oil companies.

websites said that the discussions will take place during the course of the exhibition and will focus on the supply and demand for oil producing countries and oil companies and the difficulties and problems encountered in the oil sector in some States as a result of sanctions imposed on them.

The Syrian Ukrainian   relations  has made ​​its way in terms of expansion and development for many years has been the formation of a committee to follow up and implement the conventions and knowledge of the difficulties and find solutions to facilitate trade and the establishment of joint investment projects, especially in the field of cement and fertilizer and in the exploration of oil and gas, electricity and infrastructure.

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