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Iraq plans to establish a new pipeline to pump natural gas to Syria

The Iraqi oil ministry said that Iraq intends to establish a new pipeline to pump natural gas to Syria as part of efforts to develop new routes for oil and gas exports.


This came during a meeting between Iraqi Oil Minister Hussain al-Shahristani, with the Syrian ambassador in Baghdad Nawaf Sheikh al-Fares to discuss cooperation in the field of oil and gas between the two countries.


Assem Jihad, spokesman for the al-Shahristani quoted the Oil Ministry as saying that the ministry was preparing the requirements for the implementation of a project to transfer gas from the field to Akkas in Syria.


He added that the ministry had already reached an agreement with a company specialized in the establishment of gas pipelines to the project but did not name the company.



He said Iraq and Syria planned reopening of an oil pipeline closed since the long-term pumping of Iraqi crude to the port of Banias in Syria.



Akkas is a huge field of natural gas and one of eight oil and gas fields opened Iraq to foreign companies in the first round of the award of contracts last year.



In Iraq’s third largest oil reserves in the world and seeks to develop new avenues for exports. Iraq is exporting most of its oil from the south across the Gulf, and smaller quantities of pumping from the north through Turkey.



Improvements of diplomatic relations between Syria and Iraq have been allowed to extend the pipeline from Syria to the Mediterranean which represents an alternative to oil and gas from northern Iraq to Europe.



Iraq had acceded to the four countries participating in the Arab gas pipeline project to be able to export natural gas to Europe via this route, which stretches from Egypt to Jordan and then Syria, Lebanon, up to Turkey and Europe.


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