Shipping sources: three tankers from Iranian oil derivatives up through Syria next week

Many websites talked about economic news, citing shipping sources on the arrival of three tankers carrying Iranian oil products to Syria, where its cargo unloaded at the port of Banias in the next week,



The sources pointed out that the airline the first Iranian and called the "Secretary" loaded with a substance diesel, with up carrying the second, named "Two thousand" which is loaded with material "oil" gas "used to transfer natural gas to domestic gas during the next week, while not known after the date of sailing after the third carrier.

The sources indicated that the vessels referred to is the culmination of the recent talks between the former oil minister Sufian Allaw , and his Iranian counterpart, on the transfer of Iranian oil to Syria through the Mediterranean Sea.

It uses diesel fuel – also known as gas oil – in the operation of vehicles. Although the Syrian oil producer, but it lacks the means of production of gas oil and relies heavily on imports.

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