Saeed Heneidy, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

President Bashar Assad today Decree a resolution No. 210 for the formation of the new Syrian government, headed by Dr. Riad Hijab where Saeed was named , Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. Successor to the Eng. Sufian Allaw.





Biography of the Eng. Heneidy

Full Name Said Mazza Heneidy

His place of residence, date of birth, Damascus 1954

Qualification :
Master of Engineering in the development and investment of oil and gas fields – the Soviet Union – Baku –1 979

Scientific research about – the use of production techniques oil fortified (EOR) to re-inject carbon dioxide layer – an article in the Journal of Energy and Development – re-engineering fields mature – scientific papers presented at the Oil and Gas Conference – Assad Library – Evaluation and use of Znaat in the follow-up mature field development – a scientific paper was presented at a conference in Bahrain GEO 2004 – the use of subsidized oil production techniques (EOR) – a scientific paper presented at the Oil and Gas Conference XIV in MEOS 2005 Bahrain. – Joint development of gas cap and note the re-injection gas oil (EOR) / Seventh Conference of Geosciences GEO2007 Bahrain.

Qualifying courses or training followed by the post qualifying courses in dozens of domestic and foreign and international scientific conferences in the: • management of hydrocarbon resources and the implementation of studies in the field of petroleum engineering and development of oil and gas fields. • economics of oil and gas • future prospects and strategic visions of oil, gas and sustainable development.

Work currently occupied by "and by the chairman of the AFPC since the end of 2006 until March 2012

The start of work and years of experience in his field and in the public domain * Syrian Petroleum Company – Directorate of fields Aljbsh 1979-1990 – 9 years in the field of engineering production and inventory – two years in the field of computer and document information * AFPC 1990-1993 – a four-year engineer stocks essential * Al Deir Al-Zour oil 1993-2006 – 8 years, head of engineering stock – 3 years director of operations. * AFPC – director of operations for a period of years and then Chairman of the Board of Directors since the end of 2006.

General skills: – fluent in English, French and Russian writing "and the conversation" too very good.

"- A good job on the computer and software different professional – MBA Mini  Business Administration.


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