liter of diesel rise from 15 SP. to 20

The Ministry of Economy and Trade issued a Resolution No. 122 date 14.5.2012 raised by which the price of a liter of diesel from 15 Syrian pounds to 20 , based on the provisions of Law No. 123 of 1960 the private affairs of supply and pricing, as amended, and the public interest.


implementation of the resolution started at 1 o'clock am on Tuesday, 15/5/2012

It is noteworthy that the Syrian government has already raised the price per liter of diesel in 2008 to three times the price of the time, for up to 25 pounds per liter, to return later in the year 2009 to be reduced 5 to pounds, to be returned in the month of May of last year issued a decision reducing the price of a liter diesel from 20 pounds to 15 pounds.

The consumption of diesel fuel in Syria a year up to 7.5 billion liters of fuel oil and that the government supports up to 250 billion Syrian pounds a year note that the cost per a litr importer of this Article according to current prices according to the sources of the Ministry of Oil has reached to 55 pounds

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