Syrians and Turks Investors get a license to establish an investment project for production of diesel and gasoline in Raqqa

some websites quoted a group of investors that Syrians and the Turkish investors have obtained the approval of the Syrian Investment Agency, to establish a project in the province of Raqqa specialized in production of petroleum products from raw materials and the production of flexible and asphalt roads.




According to the text of the resolution the names of the founders were: Denise Torkan and Mohammad Faeq Hamidi (from Turkish citizenship) and Juha bin Mohammed Radwan, Mohamed Sobhi, and Muhammad Adnan Mirza They are Syrians.

The resolution obtained by the economic site that the project will produce:

58,376 tons of diesel

1459 tons of petrol

35,318 tons of bitumen

35,551 tons of mineral oil

15,236 tons of paraffin

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